Cleaning Latte Stains from Your Car

Coffee stains are by far the most common stains found on the seats and floors of cars today. Most new cars have carpet stain resistant carpets installed from manufacturers. Most cars now have some sort of Scotch-Guard Type protectant, however Scotch Guard stopped manufacturing its product for a year and a half due to environmental costs at one of its factories. So for a while many Detailers at Dealerships were out of their supply.Brown Wooden Flooring, for Indoor, D Zine Wall Of Art | ID: 15577319330
Our company bought a huge supply after they announced that they were not going to make it anymore. Now other companies have replaced the gap in demand and they have started supplying the industry once again. Any carpet with this coating can clean a coffee stain with little more than warm water and a rag. Now days, with Starbucks and it’s relationship with the consumer people are no longer driving through McDonalds trying to spill the coffee and sue for millions using the floorboards as proof for months while attorneys file frivolous lawsuits.

The new consumer is getting all kinds of fancy coffee drinks with all kinds of ingredients and they are much tougher to clean. 60% of all stains in the cars are coffee stains of some type. If a carpet has a coffee stain, pure black coffee. Then here is what to do. Also works for Soda (most). Moisten the area with Folex or some spot remover wipe with warm moist rag and you are completed. If not perfect try this step a few times and then dry out the mat or area where stain was. Use a carpet brush to re-align the carpet fabric the proper direction. Now through in some foam, or milk, half and half or any possible combination and your job is a little more complex. And those Mocha frappachinos with whip cream and caramel sprinkled on top. Well now you have the stain from Hell. If there were a hell, for a detailer it would be a lifetime of cleaning up those spills from mini-vans.

For these types of spills here is what you do. Scrape any total excess build up with a plastic razor blade. Yuk, Then use Folex or your favorite spot remover product. We like Folex available at any janitorial store, great stuff and 20 years of good Herringbone flooring service to our team. Then if you are still frustrated and challenged try a foam type cleaner like spray n’ wash and wipe. Then you will be left with a horrible and stubborn white ring for the Latte Scenario. Use a carpet brush on the carpet and a netted wax pad on fabric seats. Saddle Soap then Orange Bottled Lexol or try Leatherique Product on Leather seats;