Financial Freedom: Five Simple Changes That Can Improve Your Bank Balance


The easiest way of measuring your personal success is by looking at your bank balance. If the balance is not that healthy then you need to start making a few changes. Here are five changes that you can start implementing today.

Live in the present

This may sound a little strange because every person is functioning in the present. The problem occurs when people beat themselves up over past mistakes or worry about the future. Take control of your mind and make sure that your brain is not constantly replaying old painful events. If you one pearl bank showflat have had traumatic events in the past that affected your life then you need to flush it.

What happened ten years ago should not be influencing the way your life turns out. Dealing with hurt and trauma can be very difficult but it is necessary to process it and then stop thinking about it constantly.

The same applies to worrying about future events. In most instances your fears turn out to be unwarranted and a waste of energy. Take control of your mind and be careful about the thoughts that enter it.

Set Financial Goals

Start out by writing down all the material possessions that you want to buy. If you want a sports car for example then write the model, make, colour, price and the date that you want it by. Repeat this for the type of house you want, vacations you want to take and any other materialistic dream that you may have. This is not the time for reality, just write anything you want and don’t worry about the how. Remember to be specific about each one, especially the cost and the time period. Now, look at your list and calculate how much income you would need in a month to support your current lifestyle and to buy your possessions. Let us look at an example. My goal is to own:


  1. A white Mercedes AMG G63 valued at $150 000 – 1 Year
  2. An apartment in the Pearls on Umhlanga beach at $500 000 – 5 years
  3. An overseas vacation twice a year valued at $10 000


If I add up the amounts then I would need $160 000 a year to achieve my dream. Now that the amount is known then you can look at your current income and expenses and see what the gap is. Once you know the gap then you can start looking at strategies that can help you create the extra income.

Create a strategy

Once you have your goals written down and know the exact income that needs to be generated then it is time to look at the various strategies that can help you reach the goal. A strategy is a particular route or way that you will use to hit your income goals. One strategy could be to join a network marketing company so that extra revenue can be created. Another route could be to use your existing knowledge and skills to start a business. There are many strategies that could be used to achieve your dreams and you have to choose the one that best suits your talents and abilities.

Create an action plan

The bridge between thoughts and the results that you want is action. You need to start taking action on your goals within 24 hours of setting them as this is the time when you have the most excitement and motivation. If you can get some early results then this will encourage you to continue on the path towards achieving your goals. Your life will be literally transformed once the success habit becomes a part of your daily routine.


Every goal that you achieve deserves a celebration. A planned celebration will provide another reason to reach your goals and give you something to look forward to. The reward could just be your favorite dessert, the important thing is that it is something you really enjoy.


Your financial goals can be achieved even if it does not seem possible now. The first and vital step is to flush all negativity from your thoughts. Once you have this positive framework then you can start thinking clearly and in the present. Start with your goals then progress to strategies and actions. Remember that thoughts will remain in your head unless you take massive action to achieve them. Start implementing these steps today and you will be amazed at the difference it makes to your financial situation.