Selenium has been known from at least the time of its discovery and was first discovered in 1817 but it wasn’t until 1990’s that it became identified as a crucial trace mineral required to keep the body healthy. We are now less aware of this important trace mineral’s importance in our bodies. Selenium:

1. Combines is Vitamin E.

2. Helps to regulate female and male hormones.

3. Protects against exposure to harmful heavy metals, such as mercury.

4. Increases the strength of the immune system.

5. Helps the body produce glutathione which is an essential antioxidant.

6. It reduces the chance of cancer.

In fact, the science has called selenium an anti-cancer nutrients. That’s because there have been numerous studies which have revealed that in areas that have a high concentration of liposomal trace mineral selenium supplement selenium in the soil and water the cancer rates are significantly lower, and in areas where selenium levels are missing or barely present the cancer rates are considerably higher.

For males with low levels of selenium are more likely prostate cancer. If women are in menopausal stages, if you increase your levels of selenium, you’ll be able to lessen menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and it can also help your skin appear younger.

If you’re lacking in Selenium you may find

1. There is dandruff in your hair.

2. You’re suffering from dry skin.

3. You’re tired.

4. The cataracts you have developed are now visible.

So what are good Selenium-rich foods? The majority of red meats, organs like kidneys, liver and seafood contain selenium and nuts, as well being a source of vegetables, fruits and unrefined grains, if all grown in soil with a high content of selenium.

The current recommended daily allowance for selenium is 10 mg for babies, 20 mg for children, 70 mg for men, 55 mg in women. It is 65 mcg for women expecting a baby in addition to 75 mg lactating women.

Some people believe that they must have enough selenium in their diet , but this isn’t necessarily true, and so the best choice is to take a supplement with selenium. Always opt for the ionic liquid form whenever you can. This is because liquid minerals are water based and the absorption rate is almost 100%. However, when you take selenium as a pill form the absorption is 25% or less. That’s significant! You’re looking to get the most value from your supplement and therefore taking the form of a mineral supplement that is liquid will help you achieve that.

In the event that you’re thinking “I probably don’t need it,” you should reconsider. Beyond what we’ve have mentioned previously, there are many other benefits to making sure you’ve got adequate selenium in your body.

Just tiny amounts of selenium in your diet can reduce the chance of developing degenerative ailments like heart disease, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases, and neurological diseases. Selenium slows down the aging process and keeps your skin looking younger, and decreases the possibility of developing infections.

Selenium also reduces the likelihood of breast cancer by nearly 50 percent. Research showed that those who took 200 mcg of selenium for a period of 4 years, reduced their risk of getting cancer by 32% and also their chance of dying from cancer by 50 percent. Studies have also proven that lung, colorectal, prostate, and skin cancer can be reduced when enough selenium levels are found in the body. Selenium is a super powerful antioxidant!

One word of caution however. More is not necessarily better when it comes to selenium. Daily doses that are more than 400 mcg should be avoided since they could cause harm. The form of selenium that you are using is vital. Liquid Ionic minerals are most likely to not become poisonous since they’re a form which your body is better prepared to manage.

There are a variety of vital trace minerals that our body needs . Without them, your health is at risk even if you’re not aware of it. Most of the time, the symptoms are invisible until cancer or another serious disease appears on your appearance.

Remember liquid ionized trace minerals are the best solution for optimal absorption. It’s the best way you can reap the benefits from healthy levels of selenium