Instagram has proved irresistible due to two major trends

Instagram is the newest social network to go available on the internet. The question is, is it a trend? The answer is Heck it’s not. Instagram, just like Facebook is the result of a lot of effort and thought and lots of investment.

The creators of Instagram collaborated with an ex- Facebook employee Facebook who assisted them to, and then, launched their app. Since then, the app has grown in a way that is not comparable to MySpace. It’s similar to Facebook but with the mash-up of Twitter and Instagram. Celebrities began to get Instagram accounts to share photos on Twitter. The app soon became popular.

It could be due to the instant gratification of sharing a photo and receiving feedback, or Instagram is an opportunity to make celebrities more transparent in their life, Instagram continues to grow and is here to stay.There is something wonderful about the buy instagram views communities that exist on Instagram even when users are angry, they interact in a manner that isn’t available on Facebook or even MySpace. People are able to complement one another, communicate with one another and accomplish this without having to sit at a desk. You can do this with their iPod touch or phones.

In an article titled Facetagram Photo Opportunity, published in the Economist The writer writes that, Instagram has proved irresistible due to two major trends that are changing the technological landscape. The first is the fast growth of mobile internet, which is caused by the proliferation of smartphones as well as internet connectivity via wireless. Another reason is the desire of users to be able to share their experiences with friends from wherever they are. These forces have already led to the creation of several mobile-phone-focused social networks like Path as well as Foursquare.The writer writes, Instagram has grown exponentially because it’s cooler and less cluttered, as well as more secluded than Facebook.

It’s not just opening the doors to other applications but it’s also making photography and art more accessible than ever before to share. I would like to add Vine as one of the apps that Instagram has been influenced by. Vine is a video-based version of the app. There’s a renewed sense of confidence that is online due to the fact that people do not criticize each other on Instagram. Through my time on the app, I’ve not seen anyone react negative to another even celebrities. Instead, they tend to give constructive criticism and show respect for the boundaries. You can create your account as private which means you are able to limit the people who can access your account. You can report or block anyone who is bothering you, and it’s an area of safety.